To Prime or not to Prime?

I want to chat about primers. What are they? How do you use them? Or are primers another gimmick/product designed by cosmetic houses for you to add to your purchase? Primers are made with a unique formula that keeps foundation ‘budge proof’ and provides long lasting hold of makeup while enhancing the skin’s texture. AContinue reading “To Prime or not to Prime?”

Home made Body Scrub

For years now I have been making my very own body scrub! I have also made it for clients in the past. As you know I do spray tanning, before you have a spray tan one must exfoliate all dead skin cells. I also recommend that you exfoliate at least twice per week! The benefits?Continue reading “Home made Body Scrub”

A trip to Cape Town

Through a lovely group of friends, I met Roz. Well, when I say friends I mean brides. I was fortunate to do makeup for Jessica back in 2011. I then did Cathy’s makeup (Jessica’s sister-in-law) the following August. As well as Carryn’s bridal makeup, Cathy’s best friends. Amongst all the bridesmaids, friends, weddings and makeup.Continue reading “A trip to Cape Town”

An Adventurous Rose

Lauren was a Batey and then she became a Rose! A rose is the perfect description for Lauren, she has a natural beauty and a loving nature. And one cannot help but love her new surname, Lauren Rose! Lauren and I managed to book her wedding via email as Lauren was living in the UKContinue reading “An Adventurous Rose”

Chani’s Wedding Scrapbook

  I want to share my sister’s scrapbook with you. My sister has been an excellent “scrap booker”ever since it became a craze! Soon after Chantell got engaged she started her Wedding scrap book. My sister is a primary school teacher, she is incredibly organised and has gotten straight to work. What has also helpedContinue reading “Chani’s Wedding Scrapbook”

A Blue Eyed Girl

I believe Charlene found me through my Facebook profile Candi Makeup. She had no referrals from friends or other service providers in the wedding industry. She took a look at my profile and gave me a call. Charlene and her Mom, Liefie were as warm and welcoming as Charlene’s smile. We got on immediately andContinue reading “A Blue Eyed Girl”