Candi Makeup Surviving Winter Fashion and Makeup Workshop

I have hosted a few makeup workshops in the past few years. Workshops hosting as many as 150 ladies. I hosted for FNB last year, a Women’s Day initiative for their staff. MediaNova, Sandton magazine was another. I also did a workshop for some consultants from Discovery Health, the ladies wanted to know how to do their makeup for […]


I have two weddings for you today. I did Claudia’s makeup a few years back.Claudia has become somewhat of an agent, referring me to friends and family for spray tanning and makeup. It was her cousin turn Sandrina, last September. I remember it being a crazy week. We did Claudia’s trial a week before her wedding. She […]


The first thing that grabs you about Lana is her turquoise eyes. You then notice her long lashes, her full lips and black ‘Pocahontas’ hair. Is she real? Lana is softly spoken and would never harm a fly. I was also booked to do her mom’s makeup, who was nicknamed “Bergie” as she was always on […]