Candi Makeup Surviving Winter Fashion and Makeup Workshop

I have hosted a few makeup workshops in the past few years. Workshops hosting as many as 150 ladies. I hosted for FNB last year, a Women’s Day initiative for their staff. MediaNova, Sandton magazine was another. I also did a workshop for some consultants from Discovery Health, the ladies wanted to know how to do their makeup forContinue reading “Candi Makeup Surviving Winter Fashion and Makeup Workshop”

Could August be the Month of Love?

Wilri has indeed married her high school sweetheart, Allan. I can only imagine the sort of concern/advice/worry she must have received when she announced their engagement.. and I love her for it. There are all types of love, the type of love that hits you hard, the type that you feel after meeting a perfectContinue reading “Could August be the Month of Love?”