An Adventurous Rose

Lauren was a Batey and then she became a Rose! A rose is the perfect description for Lauren, she has a natural beauty and a loving nature. And one cannot help but love her new surname, Lauren Rose! Lauren and I managed to book her wedding via email as Lauren was living in the UKContinue reading “An Adventurous Rose”

Chani’s Wedding Scrapbook

  I want to share my sister’s scrapbook with you. My sister has been an excellent “scrap booker”ever since it became a craze! Soon after Chantell got engaged she started her Wedding scrap book. My sister is a primary school teacher, she is incredibly organised and has gotten straight to work. What has also helpedContinue reading “Chani’s Wedding Scrapbook”

A Blue Eyed Girl

I believe Charlene found me through my Facebook profile Candi Makeup. She had no referrals from friends or other service providers in the wedding industry. She took a look at my profile and gave me a call. Charlene and her Mom, Liefie were as warm and welcoming as Charlene’s smile. We got on immediately andContinue reading “A Blue Eyed Girl”