Teri, the Venus de Milo

A year ago Teri tied the knot, well last year August to be exact. It was a warm spring day which always gets us South African’s smiling.

Teri had such a distinct look on her wedding day, firstly her bun was so original. Her hair pulled away from her face elongated her features, opened up her face. Every time I look at these images I think of Venus de Milo, the Greek Goddess of Love. Teri had such poise on her wedding day, I can imagine her guests could not take their eyes off of her.


Johannesburg Photographer

Johannesburg Photographer


I smoked the outer corner of the eye with the Aqua Pencil Makeup Forever #0L, this pencil is creamy so work quick to blend, then the pencil will set, no smudge. I continued with black eyeshadow and blended to the crease and soften the black with a cool tone brown (MUFE Eyeshadow #98) I kept the ball of the eye light with a soft shimmer (MUFE Star powder #946) Individual lashes and liquid eyeliner to finish.

Johannesburg Photographer

The Venue Wedding

Johannesburg Photographer

Johannesburg Photographer

The Venue Wedding

Photographed by Gingerale Photography

Makeup by Candi Makeup

Venue – The Venue


Hair tutorial #2 Soft Curls

We all want those soft pretty curls, attending a birthday brunch or a wedding? Soft curls are a winner! Below is my step by step hair curling tutorial. If you want to do a quick bun or up style, I recommend doing a quick curl before hand as it will make it easier to style.

You’ll see I always fold the hair away from the face, this is my personal way of curling the hair opposed to curling towards the face. Find what suits your personal technique or facial features.


Step #1 Section the hair from the middle parting to the ears and clip away.


– Repeat on the other side.


Step #2 Section the remaining hair into two sections, ear to ear.


Step #3 Using your curing wand (I have the Veaudry Curler) fold the hair over the wand.


– Continue to fold the hair over the wand.


– Continue to wrap the hair around the wand. The size/tightness of the curl will depend on the amount of hair you take.


– Use the little finger gloves to hold onto the ends of the hair, this will prevent burning your finger tips.


Tip: If you want the curl to start towards the roots take less hair and do a tighter curl. You can do the higher section then work your way down the hair if you do have long hair.


Step #4 Continue and repeat with the second section of hair.




Tip: You can pull the curl to loosen/soften, do this while the hair is still hot.


Step #5 Take the top section and divide.


Step #6 Curling inwards, curl third section.


– Repeat fourth section.


Tip: You can spray if you want a better hold on the curl.




Step #7 Curl the front section, curl away from the face. If any loose ends fall out, no worry! Go back and do a slightly tighter curl on the front bangs.




– Repeat with the last section.



Step #8 Ruffle the hair. Set with spray.


A soft and feminine look for all occasions.


Portraits done by Christopher Smith Photography

Getting hitched? Here’s your checklist!

For those of you who are recently engaged, getting married will be a day to remember. Your very own shindig to show off two families uniting. However this whole planning process can be overwhelming. I am a lover of lists and lists have proven time and time again that making lists do in fact help you get stuff done! I have put together a checklist with about 12 months to spare, so you can see what is essential and what you can leave for later Or cut out entirely!

Big Smiles!

You’re engaged!

12 Months to go –

1 Draw up a budget btw think you have met the man of your dreams and there is talk of the future? Start a little “nest egg” with the ol’ FNB savings, you’ll thank me later!

2 Do a rough draft of your guest list. A friend of mine recently did a quest list A and guest list B. List A is essential family and friends who will be invited, however some family/cousins and work colleagues may be considered, that is where list B comes in. Note – Your number of guests may impact your choice of venues.

3 Pick potential wedding dates – check with important guests to avoid clashes, this may sound crazy but your venue and photographer may also effect your wedding date.

4 Research potential wedding venues and ceremony locations. Put together a mood board of what you would like or put together a Pinterest board. This will keep you on the straight and narrow, there are so many awesome ideas out there that you don’t want to go over board!

11-10 Months – 
5 Pop the question to your bridesmaids (fun part!)
6 Source any helpers/talented friends/family with tasks (hehe) for the wedding (for the cake, flowers, dresses, invites etc)
7 Optional: Have an engagement party
8 Visit and book your reception venue and ceremony location.
9 Research potential wedding services and suppliers – photographer, florist, invitations, cake, decor, music, hair and makeup.
10 Decide what type of entertainment you want for ceremony and reception (swing bands are so in at the moment!!)

9 months –
11 Book Photographer/Book Videographer (this can be done sooner)
12 Decide on your colour/flower/decor theme. Consider using flowers that are in season!
13 Start your wedding dress hunt (eat a salad the night before a fitting)
14 Send Save the Date cards – important if you’re getting married during a very busy time of year.
15 Book ceremony music, band and DJ for reception
16 Contact decor hire companies if you need to rent anything for ceremony/reception, such as chairs, tables, and a tent.

8 – 7 Months – Enjoy being engaged!! Yippee!!

6 Months –
17 Start planning honeymoon (Holidays always get me excited so thats why I put it at 6 months, you could do it a little closer towards the wedding especially is it is local *Local is Lekker)
17 Book Hair and Makeup
18 Book Pre-Marriage Course
19 Book ceremony musicians
20 Ensure passports are in date for honeymoon – order new ones if necessary
21 BOOK Honeymoon!
22 Start planning Hen & Stag Parties – well not you, the best man and bridesmaids should!

Five Months –
23 Choose bridesmaid’s dresses – this can be tricky if you have some bootylicious friends and some that are skinny-la-minx! I would say start sooner but it’s up to you and your friends. Please choose something nice, grumpy bridesmaids are no good for business!
24 Choose and order wedding invitations & stationery. Again this can be done in month 7 when your having a time off from planning.
25 Attend pre-marriage counselling, if required (for catholic ceremonies)
26 Meet with florist to discuss options and order wedding Cake!
27 Shop for groom’s suit

Four months –
28 Organise the legalities — give at least 3 months notice to registrar or priest/religious celebrant.
29 Decide on prayers, readings and music for mass booklets — check with your priest / registrar.
30 Organise invitations and order of service booklets.
31 Arrange travel visa’s if needed (prepare yourself this is always a mission if you have a SA passport!!)
32 Start gathering addresses for guest list – create spreadsheet for RSVPs
33 Send invitations to guests
34 Order wedding rings

Three to two months –
35 Rent the men’s formalwear
36 Attend dress fittings, start hectic gym regime.
37 Get the caters to feed you and decide on your menu. (Hence start gym!)
38 Organise your hair and makeup trial though this can be done when you have an engagement shoot or when you have your hen shindig.

One month –
39 Make any last-minute adjustments with suppliers.
40 Finalise details for, and order mass booklets/order of ceremony.
41 Organise champers (though not too much) and yummy snacks that will be in the rooms where you will be getting ready.

Two weeks to go –
41 Review final RSVP list
42 Email shot lists to your photographer and videographer. Include a breakdown of essential family members (don’t forget granny!) who should be in the formal portraits. Decide when these will be shot and where i.e. Church or venue
43 Give venue/caterer final guest head count
44 Supply wedding coordinator with a list of supplier requests such as a table for DJ or setup space needed by florist.
45 Create your table plan so you can print placecards and print menus.
46 Call all wedding suppliers to confirm arrangements, create timetable for day.
47 Give ceremony and reception site managers a schedule of vendor delivery and setup times, plus contact numbers.

One week to go – 
48 Visit the ol’Sorbet to manicure, massage, de-hair and relax.
49 Do full wedding dress rehearsal with underwear and your veil.
50 Do some packing for your honeymoon, don’t forget some lacy nickers!
51 Organise money to be paid to suppliers that need to be paid on the day.
52 Make last minute changes to table plan if necessary (Move cheeky Aunty with the young guns)
53 Get your groom to go for a final fitting.
54 Checkin with vendors, you never know if they have suddenly agreed to do a wedding in Santorini (who would blame them?)
55 Drop off place cards, table cards, menus, favours, table plan to reception coordinator
56 Provide all suppliers with an emergency phone number to call on the day of the wedding.
57 Sort out last vendor payments

1-2 days before the wedding- 
58 Ensure the cake is on track to be delivered to reception venue.
59 Rehearse ceremony with full wedding party, ceremony readers, your officiant at the ceremony site to rehearse and iron out details.
60 Get a good night’s rest and a spray tan!

Wedding Day – 
61 Give wedding bands to the best man to hold during the ceremony
62 Give best man the officiant’s fee envelope, to be given after the ceremony
63 Introduce your reception coordinator to your wedding planner (if you’re having one), or bridesmaid/bestman for questions or problems during the reception.
64 Assign a family member or attendant to be the photographer’s contact so he knows who is who.

After the wedding – 
65 Prearrange for someone to return any rentals.
66 Preplan for attendants to take the bride’s gown for cleaning and return the groom’s tux to the rental shop.
67 Write and send thank-you notes to gift-bearing guests and vendors who were especially helpful.

I hope my checklist helps, download my app “The Brides Office” in the Apple store.

Hair Tutorial #1 French Braid

I am often asked, “Candi how do you do a quick and easy French braid?” With a little practise you will be braiding your hair in no time at all! Find someone with long hair, by seeing the actions you will be able to familiarise yourself with up and over actions of braiding. You’ll find it easier when you attempt it on yourself! Below I have step by step guide for a simple French Braid.


Step #1 Make your parting, can be middle or side.


St2p #2 From the parting section hair down toward the ear.


Step #3 Divide the hair into three sections.


Step #4 Fold your top section of hair over your middle section of hair, moving downwards. (Remember to always be working alongside the head with the braid).


Step #5 As your top section folds downwards, fold your lower section upwards.


Step #6 Your middle section is now on top, carefully pull more hair to add to your middle section. This is how you will “grow” your braid.


Step #7 Add some hair to your lower section, the middle section will fold downwards. Then fold the lower section over and repeat this action.


Step #8 As you fold each section over and under take more and more hair to add to the three sections.


Remember I said to work alongside the head.


Step #9 Work the braid towards the ear.


Step #10 Pull the remaining hair into the braid, secure with a clear elastic.




Simple and pretty braid that shows off Louise’s blonde hair, beautiful!


Photographed by Christopher Smith Photography.

Candi Inbox: Street Style – Fashion and Makeup


Imagine fashion that is comfortable and sexy, imagine having a wardrobe that can be edgy or feminine. Paring casual jeans with a silk blouse, white sandals and chunky bracelets, it must be simple. My interpretation of Street Style is a combo of casual and smart. Honestly this season I haven’t spent a cent on clothing,  I spruce up my old County Road jeans with black leather boots with a leather or canvas jacket. Slept-in waves, contour my cheekbones with bronzer and off I go.


Easy going..
Matte Finish Foundation

Love the Essence Matte Mousse Foundation R65,00

Black pencil with Strawberry lips

Stilla Convertible Lip and Cheek Cream R295,00 Peony

Pinky Lips
Braids are rocking a serious come back!


Love her Tan Pouch
Black Heals always save any outfit!
Little hippy but I kinda like it..
Casual yet stylish, hair in a simple pony!
White Shirt always a Wina-Wena!

#Spectacles “Explore the rebellious yet Feminine Eyewear of Chanel”

Solid frames still making headlines.

Serge Lutens – L’Eau


Imagine white blossoms of fresh mint and freshly washed linen captured in a bottle of perfume. I am an addict of Serge Lutens perfumes. You don’t just spray on his perfumes, you wear them. Now L’Eau is an old favorite, there have been two other additions to this range. Last year I was in Paris and I visited the store, it was magical. Each perfume has an origin and story. If I had a perfume based on my life a Serge Lutens perfume would be it, a perfume to describe different phases of my life. Serge perfumes have an edge that is in tune with our street fashion this August.

Buitengeluk’s Secret Weapon


Now a few of you will know if you head down Cedar road toward Broadacres Spar you will find a hidden gem. Buitengeluk, this dutch style restaurant and venue opens onto green lavish gardens, a green house to marry young lovers and food that will get your taste buds begging for more. Buitengeluk is tucked behind the centre, the venue takes you into the country. A mere 5min drive from Monte Casino. You must be asking, “Candi you see many wedding venues, why is this one so special?” Well Buitengeluk has a secret weapon, Phern!

Many years ago I met Phern at Bride&co and many stories later I was able to do Phern’s makeup for her wedding day. Now a couple years later Phern joined Buitengeluk, she is their head wedding coordinator. Since we all speak wedding, food, wine, adventures and laughs, Phern and I have continued to be mates. Phern is a magic little wedding planner, chef and friend. So for those of you looking for a wedding venue, I think I may have a few ideas for you!

When you normally read the interviews done by the editors of Marie Claire or Elle magazine with glamorous actors they normally set the scene in a beautiful hotel lobby of some swanky hotel (which is normally a small pokey room where the actress cannot escape). I simply emailed Phern, luckily she responded as she has been training for Kilimanjaro. She returned on Sunday bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for another busy wedding season.

So back to what you love and do Phern, what initially got you into wedding planning?

  • I had studied to be a chef and as a standard at hotel school you had to do a round of training in each section from front of house to house keeping. I worked in the front and was training by the wonderful coordinator that truly cared and was never jaded by the amount of weddings she did. I found out that I loved being with couples and being a part of their dream day. Not only that, but I get to deal with happiness every day I come to work. It’s such a rewarding job and it’s not only the couples that are wonderful but its the relationships you build with suppliers [friends] that make every wedding run smoothly !

What inspires you as a planner?

  • This might sound cliche but my parents are a big influence, they have been married for 44 years and they have this one photo from their wedding day and they both look so happy with the world at their feet. I want to create that feeling for my couples! Its not just the best decor, food, entertainment or dress that are going to make or break their wedding… it is the pure love and adoration of the couple. That alone can inspire the whole day and I always start the planning process asking the couple what they want, what is going to make their wedding personal and a showcase of their love

Do you have an “impression” or “badge” that would say this is a “Phern wedding”?

  • Think planners get carried away with this, flowers is my signature or this style has my touch on it. They need to remember its not about them or their work, its about the couple!  Just before the bride walks down the aisle I fold up a tissue and hide it in the bride’s bouquet, no one else knows its there but the two of us. It’s to remind them that they are about to marry their best friend.

Your 2015 wedding inspirations/elements/flowers ideas?

  • I personally think couples are leaning more and more to quality over quantity having smaller more intimate weddings with close family and friends. They are adding personal touches. Origami bouquets that last forever, stronger colours, using flowers that are in season. Couples are creating an experience and feast not just a typical wedding. I think this is the direction where we are headed for this year.

Why do you love Buitengeluk?

  • Buitengeluk is a hidden gem, no one expects the gardens or grandness of the venue as they walk in. To be honest its more then just the buildings and pretty gardens, it is the staff the very force that breaths life into the venue every day that makes us different. Their care, finesse and enthusiasm is contagious!

Describe a unique element about Buitengeluk?

  • Personalisation and attention to detail! Of course have you seen our awesome green house!

What type of bride gets married at Buitengeluk?

  • Brides who want to have a wedding that is tailored to their needs from the menu, set up and co-ordination. Couples who want to show off their personal flairs and appreciate attention to detail.

Advise you always find yourself giving your brides?

  • TAKE A DEEP BREATH! Listen to your coordinator we honestly know who the best suppliers are and we only recommended them so you can have a better wedding we get nothing out of it!

Planning your wedding day really is such an experience, enjoy every minute!

Lipidol – Cleansing Face Oil


Its no news that we have an interesting new line from Bio Oil available in Clicks. I still remember seeing the brand Lipidol in Clicks and going, “Ooooh!”. If any of my clients or readers know me, I love simple brands. I love simple branding, simple packaging and clean lines. My house sports a similar look. When I laid eyes on this interesting brand I was immediately intrigued.

Lipidol is a range of six oils. Its simple, Cleansing Oil, After Shave Oil (for the boys however I use this shave oil on my legs after shaving!) and Face Oil. Body we have the Body Cleansing Oil, After Shower Oil and Sunscreen Oil. Six simple products. I used the Cleansing oil this past week, I love brands that use oil to cleanse/remove sebum/remove makeup in their cleanser. Foaming cleansers may give you that tight fresh feeling but the cleanser simply strips your lipid film. Where as an oil will care for the skin while cleaning.

Now a quick science lesson, water and oil have different densities. You want to use this cleanser (initially) without water as it won’t emulsify. Apply the oil directly to the skin, massage into the skin then add water. The product will then gently emulsify into a watery and creamy lather, rinse and apply the Overnight Face Oil by Lipidol.

I gave this little magic cleanser 5/5. It did not agitate my eyes (I suffer from Glaucoma and I rarely use product around my eyes as it can irritate) The cleanser removed all makeup without drying. Need I say more?

Lipidol Cleansing Oil – R79,95

Robyn’s wedding at the Black Horse Brewery

Earlier this year I spent the morning with a lovely group of women, where I did hair and makeup for Robyn’s wedding. The Black Horse Brewery is a rustic yet quaint brewery in Magaliessburg. Big trees shade and protect the venue that over looks farm land where the horses roam. You can also drink wonderful craft beer that is locally made by the brewery (big grin) not that I had any beer that day! A perfect setting for Robyn, we got ready in the manor house where we got ready.

girls_099 (Large)

girls_025 (Large)Robyn has big beautiful brown eyes, we wanted them to stand out. However we did not want to use too much smokey eyeshadow. I did line the eyes with smokey kohl liner for drama though I used a medium mushroom brown (Makeup Forever #127) in the crease to define the shape. One the ball of the eye I used the pretty Star Powder (Makeup Forever #926) to soften the look.

I used Liquid Lift Foundation #2 by Makeup Forever. This medium coverage, semi matte foundation is perfect for any bride, anytime of the year. I felt the girls looked absolutely radiant.

girls_088 (Large)

girls_006 (Large)

girls_113 (Large)

Venue – Black Horse Brewery

Photographer – Picture me&u

Hair and Makeup – Candi Makeup

Warm Redhead VS Cool Redhead


Back to the business of Warm VS Cool this week. Calling all redheads as we have an interesting topic today. In the last two articles on blondes and brunettes, I was able to separate the warm from the cool. Red is already a warm tone, when looking at cooler tones the hair tones tend to be plum or pink. I find redheads really can mix things up as you may be working with a warm hair color but a cool complexion. How much fun!!

Green Jewels and Red Lips.

Redheads will have a fairer complexion, porcelain and flawless. Redheads won’t normally tan, by staying out of the sun means healthy and beautiful skin. If you are a fiery redhead change things up with gold jewellery. However if you do have a cool complexion silver or pewter is king.

Soft Beige.
A Blonder Type of Red.
Soft Pink Cheeks.

I love the Makeup Forever Face and Body Foundation as they cater for fair tones and this light weight foundation will complement a perfect and even skin tone. Give it a good shake before you use it.

When I have done makeup in the past for redheads I often opt for warm/peach browns. I found the mushroom/cooler browns didn’t suit even if my client had a cool complexion. Honestly I would rather go for a black liquid liner or smudged black liner against the lash line.

Pink or rose blushers to add colour to the apples is key. If you would like to contour the cheekbones, go for a pale peach bronzer, use ever so slightly from the hairline dusting down to shape the cheek. Rather embrace porcelain complexion.

Lip options are endless for a redhead. I do prefer reds but a soft pink or coral can also be an option. Play around.

Plum and Denim.
Pink Bun.
Kelly rocking Pale Pink with Silver.
Soft blossoms to pair with this redhead.


Gotta love Denim.

Rock different size and colour spectacles and sunnies. Jungle green, red, navy will make awesome colour frames. I find redheads really can wear a diverse range of colours, makeup and clothing. Most certainly a hair colour to embrace.

Want her Sunnies.

Glorious Coconut Oil and its Beauty uses

Coconut Oil.

With the hype on Prof. Tim Noakes diet, ‘banting’ has become apart of our lives. I haven’t taken on the high fat, low carb diet however I have introduced a Tbsp. of coconut fat to my morning oats. Weirdly enough I have had no issues with my winter eczema (I have had eczema on my legs since I was 18, every winter without fail) This year nothing! My nails are in excellent condition. My chocolate cravings/addictions (call it what you want) have subsided and I no longer feel hungry in the afternoons. Our knowledge has always been limited on coconut oil, however with ‘banting’ and coconut oil becoming so easily available for us to buy. Our eyes have been opened to this miracle oil. I have listed a few beauty uses, I limited the list to beauty uses however the medical uses are outstanding!

  1. Rub onto the skin as a lotion, hello smooth skin.
  2. Eye-makeup remover, dab a small amount on a cotton round for easily application.
  3. Make your own remineralizing or whitening toothpaste. Add some to baking soda and brush away. Or simply gargle the mouth with the oil to remove bacteria.
  4. Rub onto the skin to lighten age spots.
  5. Massage this healthy oil on stretch marks, safe to use during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.
  6. Because of its anti-oxidant properties, coconut oil will increase sun tolerance and avoid burning. A natural SPF.
  7. Apply a small amount to your hair to get rid of frizz and tame natural curls.
  8. Mix equal parts sugar and oil for a lekker body scrub.
  9. Rub onto chapped lips during the winter months.
  10. Sooth psoriasis and eczema.
  11. An intensive natural conditioner, rub into dry hair and leave for several hours.
  12. After sun for burnt skin.
  13. A natural shaving cream.
  14. When used consistently on the area it can help get rid of cellulite.
  15. Because of its bacteria fighting properties, it can help resolve acne if used regularly.
  16. Rub into the scalp to stimulate hair growth.
  17. Tanning oil.
  18. Massage into cuticles to help nails grow.

Beauty products can be costly, save a bit of dosh and invest in a jar of coconut oil and reap the benefits.